Golf Guru - about the beta app

What does beta mean?

From June 2021 we’re launching our beta app. We couldn’t be more excited to let you get your hands on it.

In this post, we want to tell you about what inspires us at Golf Guru, as well as where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.

At Golf Guru we bring you feel good golf with premium guided audio content that opens your mind and improves your game.

Our mission: create happier, healthier-minded golfers with an easy-to-use app that makes mastering the mental game possible for everyone.

We really believe that a simple change in mindset can have a huge impact on how you perform on the course. That if you use your mind well, you’ll feel great - and then you’ll play awesome golf!

We’re also on a mission to shift golf's image from a stuffy, elitist sport to one of openness, positivity and shared opportunity. A game that everyone can enjoy.

We believe that Golf Guru and our community of golfers have a place in this evolution. That our members share positive vibes with one another, and an unparalleled passion for the game of golf.

So that together, we will leave golf better than we found it.

Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, we created a Golf Guru web-app with about 3 hours of mental game lessons, visualisations and more.

Since then we’ve connected with some incredible people from around the world. Golfers who’ve been kind enough to share their individual stories and their opinions on our app.

The feedback we’ve received has been invaluable, and we’ve made connections for life (you know who you are!).

Your beta app:

So as of today (7 June 2021) we launch our beta app to you!

So far this year we’ve been working hard to bring you a fresh new app. To create what will feel like your 24/7 golf psychologist as you prepare, practice and play golf.

The app has over 20 hours of improved mental game lessons, meditations, visualisations, pre-round pep-talks, subliminal sleep sessions.

It allows you to understand which areas of your mind are strong, and which need improvement.

It'll help you track the improvement in your mental skills, as you grow your Golf IQ.

And importantly it'll help you see the correlation between your mental performance and the scores you shoot.

So that whoever you are, whatever is holding your golf back – we will be able to help you master your mental game...

...and play the kind of golf you’ve always dreamed of!

What does beta mean?

Beta means simply that we’ll be striving to improve Golf Guru as much as possible over the coming months.

That we have the basis for a great app now, but that we will continue to add content and features to the app in order to make it as effective for you as possible.

So, as we go, we’ll be reaching out to ask you questions and get your feedback.

If you like what we’re doing here at Golf Guru, then this gives you the opportunity to get stuck in! To help shape something truly special and forward-thinking in the golf world. To share ideas that could help thousands of other golfers relax and enjoy the game more than ever.

So if this sounds like something you’d enjoy – we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a DM on Instagram or email

That’s all for now.

Thank you for checking out Golf Guru.