Increase Your Mental Strength in 7 Days

We don’t need to tell you, you already know it - truly great golf starts and ends in the mind!

If you’re curious about what the best players in the world do to keep their minds strong - on and off the course.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d feel like to have that kind of mental strength, and what it could do for your game.

If you’re interested in learning some of these Tour proven tools and techniques to develop a powerful, confident mental game - all in a week…

…then listen to our 7 days of mental strength course! A first-of-its-kind training regimen for your golfing mind!

You can make golf stress-free, remove years of potential frustration, just by spending between 5-15 minutes a day with Golf Guru on this course. You’ll develop healthy, powerful habits that increase your confidence, belief, self-esteem. That boost your mental strength.

And the best part is everything you learn will continue working for as long as you play golf. 
Get ready to change the way you play golf forever!


What is mental strength?

Mental strength means you have a mind that works for you, not against you, so you can increase the level of your performance, especially under pressure.

It’s things like confidence, trust, focus, and composure. Understanding how these and other components affect your mindset, and therefore your performance, will allow you to turn a corner and become mentally tougher.

We like to think of mental strength a bit like having a range of tools and techniques at your disposal - so you can stay confident, calm and composed - even when the chips are down.

This 7-day course will give you all that. These are lessons that will last for the rest of your golfing life, helping you perform to your potential and play your best golf more often.



Why do I need it?

If you want to win more competitions, lower your handicap, play better under pressure, increase your enjoyment of golf - even just save a shot or two a round - then you can benefit from increased mental strength. Whatever you want to achieve in golf, this 7-day course is for you.


What’s the Golf Guru method?

To us it’s very simple. If you want to play great golf, we think there’s a formula:

Prepare your mind + Practice with a purpose = Perform to your potential

Makes sense, right?

In the 7 days of mental strength course, we won’t just tell you. We’ll show you how to do this.

We assure you that the more you stick to this formula the more you’ll grow as a player; the more confident, calm and focused you’ll become, and the better golf you’ll play.


What specific tools or techniques will I get from the 7 days?

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on the course, broken up before, after and during your time on the course.

Develop your ability to focus and your capacity for concentration from home with a technique used by Tiger Woods.
Learn how elite golfers pick a target, and commit to it.

Develop a pre-shot routine that gets your mind in a calm, confident place before each and every shot.
Tap into the time in-between shots, learning how these can help or hinder your performance - the choice is yours.

Don’t sit at home ruing your misses. Together, we develop a new habit where you focus on the good shots. See for yourself how much this does for your overall positivity, and confidence.


If you’re at all worried about the time commitment, about fitting this into your schedule.

Well how important is playing better golf to you? Is it worth just 10 minutes of your day, for a week? That’s all we’re asking.

6 of the 7 sessions can be done from home. It’s only on day 7 we ask that you head out - to the driving range.

So we urge you to be a little bit selfish over the course of the next week, block out a little bit of time each morning or evening to listen, and dive into the 7 days of mental strength course.

Ready? Let’s do this! Day 1 only takes 6 minutes. Head into the app to get started!