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Golf Guru is a mental game training tool for all golfers.

Plug in your headphones and listen along
to 25+ hours of mental game techniques, lessons, meditations, visualisations and more.

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From the driving range to your car, we’ve created mental game techniques and lessons for every location.

Work on your golfing mind from anywhere.

Golfing IQ
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Golf IQ.

Golf IQ is the measure of your mental performance and we track it by measuring your calm, confidence and focus. Build your Golf IQ and watch your scores fall!


Play to Your Potential

Join 1000's of our members playing some of the best golf of their lives with Golf Guru.

"The app has really helped I've come down from 11 to 6 and recent drop seems to have coincided with using the app so couldn't be happier with the results."

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Colchester, UK

"Feeling the club in my hands with a light pressure and swinging really slow. I also only focused on a small target and stood behind the ball before taking the shot.

I shot 75, 78 and 38 after that and felt
I was really playing golf, maybe for the first time in my life instead of playing swing."

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On our 'Alphabet Pre-Shot Routine' session

"Has been great in giving another perspective on the game. Has been invaluable trying to battle through a slump in my game and coming out stronger on the other side."

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Stockholm, Sweden

"Great App. Cut 2 shots in 1 month. Helped me to think less on golf course"

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I'm a 28 handicapper and I played my best round today after using your app hands down helped me be calm forget the last shot, the lot. I scored 43 on my first 9 and 42 back 9 so broke 90 and I'm down to 85."

Golf guru user testimonial


Clevedon, UK

"Feeling much more settled on course, less reactive and enjoying my golf again. Just used my breath work and walked myself through the process on each shot and was -5 through 9. (Burned edges on 2 eagle putts also) Kept me in the present, out of my own way."

Golf guru user testimonial


On our 'One Shot At A Time' session


Articles that can help your game. Learn about the mindset and mental skills of Top Pro's, and tips on how to use the Golf Guru app most effectively.

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